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Find out more about the wonderful world of engineering and the exciting things that engineers do to improve our lives.

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Engineering is behind everything – from your smartphone and hair styling products to the lights you switch on and the shoes on your feet. So, if you’re curious, creative, and enjoy maths and science at school, you too could be designing cutting-edge technology or providing water for draught-plagued countries.

Engineering uses maths and science principles – together with strong teamwork and creative skills – to improve the world around us. It all starts with what you learn in school. It can be creative, hands-on practical work, or problem solving.

Tomorrow's Engineers

Tomorrow’s Engineers seeks to create the next generation of engineers by helping young people from all backgrounds understand the variety, excitement and opportunity presented by a career in engineering.

V&A 1.jpg Engineering Open House Day at the Victoria & Albert Museum

Our research

The IET commissioned CHILDWISE to explore the factors that inform parents’ and children's opinions about engineering as a career, what might be preventing parents from promoting engineering to their children and what might encourage them to do so.

Engineering is perceived as more for boys.

Half of parents feel that engineering careers are more for boys, and children’s views are largely similar.

Why is engineering awesome?

Find our how awesome engineers really are!

Engineering behind the i360

Sahir went to meet John, an engineer at Jacobs Engineering Group, to talk about his career and his work on the British Airways i360.

Engineering and virtual reality

Daisy went to meet Ed, CEO of virtual reality company Curiscope to talk about his career and his work in virtual reality.

IET Little Engineers film

Nurture your curiosity and become an engineer!

Structural engineering

Iona went to meet Roma, a structural engineer to talk about her career and wobbly bridges.

Engineering at Land Rover BAR

Ollie went to meet Katie Lawrence, at Land Rover BAR to talk about her role as a Performance Engineer.

Engineering the space race

Grace went to meet Abbie, a spacecraft structures engineer at Airbus, to talk about her career and her work on the Mars Rover.