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Join us for Engineering Open House Week - 12 to 18 June 2023

The purpose of Engineering Open House Week is all about showcasing the importance that engineering and engineers play in everyday life, with well-known venues and organisations demonstrating the creativity and excitement behind innovative future technology and the role of engineers to inspire the next generation. Learn how you can participate.

Taking place across the UK from 12 to 18 June 2023, this is an excellent opportunity for organisations to join us in a week-long series* of STEM outreach events designed to:

  • showcase the latest advancements in engineering and technology
  • attract future talent, and
  • increase your brand exposure and build relationships with your local community.

Can you help us inspire the next generation of STEM superstars?

“Engineering is at the core of Amazon and it’s so important to get children into environments like this so that they’re aware of the different jobs that are out there for them in the future.”


*Whether you can commit to open your doors on just one day or across a number of days in this week, we’d welcome your involvement.

What is Engineering Open House Week?

Previously named Engineering Open House Day, Engineering Open House Week is an opportunity for venues, businesses and organisations across the UK to open their doors to young people, caregivers, schools and teachers.

Offering exclusive behind-the-scenes access, we will highlight the important roles that engineers play in everyday life and demonstrate first-hand the creativity and excitement behind engineering careers.

Engineers bring ideas to life, turn dreams into reality and make solutions to big challenges possible.

They design, invent, fix and improve and they are changing our world for the better.

Whether young people are into sports, music, fashion, flying, healthcare, or improving our climate, there’s a place in engineering and technology for them and we want to show them just how diverse and incredible the world of STEM really is.

Watch our video to learn how organisations took part last year and the importance of activities like this for engaging young people with STEM.

What are the benefits of taking part?

  • Supporting STEM engagement initiatives such as Engineering Open House Week is an excellent idea for helping to deliver on your company’s ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) goals and/ or CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) goals.
  • You can showcase your organisation and all the engineering and technology that goes on behind the scenes while positively impacting the young people and families that you outreach to and engage within your local community.
  • You can help the IET towards its mission of inspiring the next generation into careers in engineering and technology and helping bridge the shortfall of engineers in the talent pipeline.
  • Receive recognition and media coverage
  • Have your organisation profile and event listed on the Open House Week website.
  • Help support the building of a more diverse and inclusive talent pipeline with STEM skills.
  • Increase your local and national profile as an investor in STEM skills.

90% of companies who took part in 2022 said they’d like to be involved again and contacted the following year

Reach and impact

  • Each year we promote Engineering Open House to our global network of 154,000 members.
  • Our social media reach peaked at 36 million for #IETOpenHouse in 2019.
  • The national and regional PR before and after events resulted in 17.4 million opportunities to see our messaging in 2019.

We’re aspiring to achieve our pre-pandemic levels of reach again this year…




How can my organisation or business take part?

Step 1 - Register your interest by completing our form below

Step 2 - We'll send you our Engineering Open House Week participation form

We will ask you to complete this form and return it to us by email. You’ll also need to confirm what activities you will be hosting during the week.

It’s completely up to your organisation as to what you do – all we ask is that your event(s) is inspiring and engaging for children, educators and parents/guardians and shows them how exciting a career in engineering and technology can be.

If you have something in mind or would like to discuss further to tease out a great idea of what to do, get in touch with us now.

Step 3 - We’ll share our marketing and promotional toolkit with you to help support your event promotions

This includes branded assets, as well as sample social media posts, template press release and artwork, and a suggested 8-week promotional plan checklist, and approach.

You can use these to get the best out of your event marketing and promotions leading up to the week.

We are here to support you throughout the process, ensuring you have everything you need to plan, promote and run your events

 “The process was simple and straight forward– everything worked like clockwork and the IET were very accommodating and supportive.”

Thinktank Birmingham

Step 4 - Save the date in your calendar now

Mark your calendar and join us for a truly inspirational week.

Some pictures from previous open house events take a scroll through!



Mad Science

Mad Science

IET Open House Day At Amazon


Savoy Place Green Screen

Savoy Place 'Green Room'

National Theatre

National Theatre

Child's Feedback 2

Child's feedback



Child's Feedback

Child's feedback


Transport for London

“We were really excited to host an event for the IET’s Engineering Open House Day. Engineering careers are creative, challenging and rewarding and, as an industry, we must do all we can to help both parents and children realise the fantastic breadth of engineering careers on offer. It was great to see our ambassadors taking time out of their day to share the knowledge they have gained throughout their careers with the next generation.”


“We want to give young people and their families the chance to experience the world of engineering and technology first-hand and to get an insight into the reality of the exciting and diverse careers on offer. We were delighted to showcase the important, creative and exciting roles that engineers play behind the scenes.”

The National Museum of Computing