Engineer a better world

The Engineer a Better World campaign highlights to parents and their children the huge variety of exciting, creative and stimulating careers in modern engineering.

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There aren't enough young people choosing engineering as a career, and only 9 per cent of engineers in the UK today are women. So, there's an urgent need for more young people to become engineers.

Using #ISeeMore, the campaign literally lets young people and their parents ‘See More’ through the engineering of brands and items that feature heavily in their lives.

We'll be working with well-known vloggers who will go behind the scenes at some famous attractions and brands to discover how important engineering is to pretty much everything around us. Venues and brands will be opening up their doors as part of Engineering Open House Day and there will be a competition where young people can engineer their own product. More details on these coming soon!

Engineering: exciting, creative, rewarding

The variety of exciting, creative and stimulating careers in modern engineering is vast but not enough young people are becoming engineers.

"I think it’s really important that young kids and their parents can get an insight into what engineering is all about – and understand its connection with so many things that interest them like music, entertainment and space discovery. We need to encourage children’s creativity and imagination at school and at home and to make them think about the huge impact they can have in the world through science and technology. And we need to help parents understand more about engineering and science, including making sure they can recognise qualities in their children that might lead to them being good engineers."

Professor Brian Cox