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About our campaign

The Engineer a Better World campaign was launched to inspire the next generation of engineers and technicians by encouraging young people and their parents to nurture their curiosity and think differently about careers in engineering.

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The engineering profession needs 203,000 skilled people each year to 2024 and has an annual shortage of 20,000 graduates.

The workforce also faces a major lack of diversity – only 12 per cent of engineers are female and just 8 per cent come from black, Asian or minority ethnic groups (Engineering UK).

There's never been a better time for young people to consider engineering with huge demand for engineering graduates and apprentices.

We want people to think differently about engineering and see that it is all around us from our smart phones and tablets to our heating and lighting to our clothes and toiletries. Engineers have played a huge part in all of these and much, much more.

Ask the Engineers

In the past we've run Twitter Parties with parenting website, Mumsnet. In 2015, parents could ask engineers the tricky engineering and technology-related questions posed by their children that they struggle to answer. Then in 2016, our Twitter party saw engineers revealing to parents and children how to ‘engineer’ superhero powers.

Let toys be toys

IET research found that boys were almost three times more likely than girls to receive a STEM-themed toy at Christmas. The IET challenged these stereotypes as they could be discouraging girls from a career in engineering. Our research achieved widespread coverage in national newspapers, television, radio and online at the end of 2016. The research was also raised in Parliament.